So... My music style is...

- 13 mins

Unknow! Yup, I don’t know what I’m listening to!

Am I kidding?

NAH! Definitively not! I’m confused myself of what I’m listening each day, but I do know some vibes of it… Ugh, I mean… If you’re reading this, you should most probably know me well, right? Either from Red of Fuze III, but at least from Discord, or just some of my friends in real life, even if I don’t talk much about it… And that it’s written in english too… Anyway, if you do, you should know that I lloovveeeee vocaloids! Most especially Hatsune Miku, which is very original from me and the Vocaloid’s community. Seriously, Hatsune Miku is the most popular and loved vocaloid out there!

I guess I am just sick of usual voice and persons, while vocaloids makes me feel a bit less… locked down from musicians. They also definitively not the same kind of vibes! Usual musicians are boring to me, music they make are boring me and just make me slightly pout… Nah, I’m not saying that bad, but I just don’t usually like them, I do for some of them, like Pipo Fernandez for auvic, BUUTTT we’ll talk about this later!

FOR NOW! Let’s talk of me, because that’s my blog after all! Miku!

Just a bit about me now.

Even if you know me, I don’t really usually talk of music, there was rare exception, like with Trusty. We talked a lot of Miku and FL Studio. Still can’t thank you so much for what you’ve done for me, just for the little hand! FL Studio is a software to make music, and it’s really cool yet a bit hard to master, making me uncomfortable at first glance and leaving it alone somewhere on my PC. Then I took it back when I knew Trusty was a music maker. :’D

Anyway, it has been over 4 or maybe even 5 years since I’m seriously listening to music and I was really young, couldn’t tell now I think. At this point, music was nothing much to me, just some cool vibrations that comes to you and get out immediately, nothing special, nothing amazing, just music. But it first started with ONE important song, called Dream Fiction, made by Rhodz, I’ve discovered this one because of Antoine Daniel, a french youtuber who made dirty joke and stuff… cough and while I was watching the outro of the episode 37, the first notes were coming at me, and I got directly charmed by it. There was some kind of explosion of happiness inside my brain, I was starring at the screen where the video was still passing images and the video ended. I directly took my phone at that point and directly Shazamed it, then put the whole song on the TV.


I was sitting on the sofa, and listening to the music. That was an emotion I never felt before, but I was so happy to listen to the first “boom’ of my life with such a very nice song and artist, and just because of the fault of an humoristic youtuber.

As I was repeating this song multiple times, I ended up making a Deezer account for me to my mother’s family account. I had more and more songs getting recommended by Deezer, ton of artists I never heard before.

Time for EDM or something

Yeah so maybe the best genre for Dream Fiction is future bass? EDM? I don’t know… But at this point, I then discovered another awesome artist called fusq, MAN, I cannot describe his music! This guy is making a lot anime-like music with ton of effects and BZABBAZBBLGLZELIUZEFOIUQZIJNFLQHIJEBFQSB AAAAAAAAA awesome thingy that make the music bumpy and stuff, can be either slow and fast at the same time which make the music even more original… Seriously I just have no real words for that… cough cough There was also android52, this guy make pretty awesome music too, much more active than fusq but surprisingly, me who doesn’t usually like this kind, it was really nice to hear.

The more and more I was listening to this music, the less Deezer was getting good song to me. It was missing more and more accurate track… Deezer became annoying, and we switched to Spotify.

Spotify time!

Spotify was really great, you know, you have 5 or 6 daily mix, ton of recommandation, per-playlist recommandation, and all that kind of stuff, that was just perfect for me! Cutting my differents needs, somewhat… I was really comfy with Spotify, I had bugs too, but that’s so usual with streaming music now that you have to stick with it and… eh… that was annoying, but that kind of things is taken down pretty quick. Other than that, good things was happening.

I was discovering more and more songs, artists and I was even collecting the cool covers of the albums! Was a way to pass time… The more and more I was adding music, and the more and more I was listening to music including voices. Voices were pretty rare at this point, just mostly about sounds and some rare voice effects, but nothing important at this point.

I then discovered Auvic, one of the most AWESOME artist I heard in my life! His music is complex and easy, differents every time, energic, dragonic but really immersive to me. It was somewhat reflecting me in my own way. I can’t stop myself from listening auvic, he’s kind of attractive, that’s just one of my favorite artist out there!


Ah yes, finally… :kappa: I don’t really remember the first time I’ve heard Miku again in my… sigh I do remember the first time i’ve heard here in my whole life though!

When I was a really, really young kid, like 5 years old chicken, I loved missing with websites, and that was including YouTube, I loved missing with videos. One day, I’ve heard that weird voice, singing weird vocals, more like sounds themselves. This song was levan Polkka, you must have heard of this song at least ONE time of your life! it’s one of the most popular Miku’s songs! Fun fact, I also remember I’ve heard the same song in vacation with friends, when there was an animation, peoples were playing Just Dance, and the exact same song was playing. I instantly connected that moment to my youngest me.

This day, I made myself a promise. I would find out who she is and know more about here.

Of course I forgot that over the time! It was kind of random!

Then came Reflection of Happiness (feat. Colate) by… drums please… Rhodz and Colate!

When I first heard the song, I payed attention carefully to the voice after my brain heard it one time, took me time to realize… When I heard the voice again… There she is, Hatsune Miku singing. I was not beliving it, I found her, after 2 to 3 years of listening some music I’m lost with! However, I didn’t tried to find more about it, I still didn’t knew her name correctly at this point…

The time, again, gave me this information, it became one of my most played song and I had more songs introduction Miku. Then I had the name, of course. Hatsune Miku was finally born to me, from nothing to a singer. Miku by Anamanaguchi also played a lot into that point. Her voice was more clear to me and of course, her name was in the title.

There’s many, MANY artists I’m really happy to listen every single days that I just couldn’t quote everyone here, some are more important than other, of course, suck as Rhodz, Anamanaguchi, unknowndreamuser, ABSRDST, Mili, Pheeno, fusq, Camellia… Everyone, thank you, of course!

You know as well as me that you’re all creating happiness in everyone’s life!

Miku Expo 2021 Online

“But Pred, this is your blog, something must have happened, right? Right?”


Multiple days pass…

Ugghh… I’m back now, this page should have been posted since some time but welp…

So yeah, Miku Expo Online was… somewhat confusing, but awesome since this was also my first expo I ever watched. Never had the chance to go to a music expo, and it was really awesome. Before I watch this expo, I watched other expo that was posted on YouTube. London, Paris, Japan… It just looked awesome on video, everyone enjoying the Miku show while everyone was listening to the artist behind her. Sometime I’m quite sad we don’t see the band much. :v

With my IRL friend, we both wanted to watch it, so I got to his house and we sleeped until 5am, the show was then beginning at 5:30am or something…

Timetable in Japan time

So for the 1st and 2nd show, I was a bit dizzy, but this was pretty fun, though we didn’t payed much attention to the show. Before the 3rd show began, I took my bike and went back home. I had enough time to setup back my PC and get into the show.

Ads were passing along before the show began, then there was the Japan and English telling us to not record the show (LOL, it’s Internet, what were you expecting?) and to let some space between peoples due to Covid. That was meaning: “SHOW IS COMING RIGHT NOW!!!”. I was literally ready to watch it all!



I was hyped during all the beginning. Then the show was done. And during a long moment, I felt something empty inside me. When the show was done, there was this screen stuck for 10 good minutes, or maybe more, telling us “Thank you!”

The "Thank you everybody"

Honestly? I was seriously beliving that this “message” was not true, that it wasn’t a real thank. Something was missing, which was the same as the feeling I had. Definitively.

I was facing my PC for some minutes, watching this stuck screen. And the live ended. I was so… confused.

Some hours after the show, I’ve seen this Reddit post saying “It may be unpopular to say, but this year it felt like I was just listening to a playlist, there was no energy from the crowd… as.. well there was no crowd.”. And this is my answer.

I mean, yes, there was no crowd, but there is the virus… It was impossible to make one, at least, publicly visible… I understand your point, but this expo was very important, the first online and free expo of Hatsune Miku in special condition. And it’s even more important as it represent the first expo for some, and I’m really happy it happened, even if I feel the lack of energy you’re talking about… This is maybe also what I’m feeling right now. After the expo was down, I felt sadness, quite empty. I was just listening to Miku and Magical Mirai in the back, but that was it… I was mor hypped by the video on YouTube for the tour at London, Paris, etc… It just looked more natural, human, and alive…

I’m still glad I’ve seen one expo, online or not, it doesn’t matter for me, and I was with a friend in top of that. (My feeling was at the third concert, and I was alone at this point) This feeling I’m talking about, I don’t think i would feel it if I was at Paris, living it with others peoples, not just facing my screen… It was… kind of boring, yet not completely, but it was.

I want you to understand. Yes, your point is valid, I get you and maybe some other persons too, but please also understand that it was also a challenge for CFM to do that, they prefered to make an online event rather than just cancel another year (Ie Cancellation of Expo 2020) which is great…

I was completely agreeing. I was feeling this sadness of the emptiness of the expo, and this was, really, really sad. All I honestly saw was the band and Miku moving. That was all. There was no energy, just music, and a girl dancing around. I hated that feeling, and I’m not even sure this was great since it was my first expo. There was also something else that was… weirdly shocking me. There was a fuckton of effects, of floating objects, of flashy flashy things, and I was NOT appreciating that, I didn’t liked those “too much” things. Definitively don’t think I would see that in another expo.

Let me be clear. I appreciated the expo, the music and the band playing. But I didn’t appreciated how Crypton showed it to us. Yes, it was very important for them to do that, it’s even a challenge. But the point, at least, to me, for making an expo, is to ACTUALLY interact with the public. WHERE WAS OUR INTERACTION? We were just watching the band playing! And Miku dancing! And no! That was not appreciable when you notice that! That was also a video on loop!

Let me be again clear. An expo is not a video on loop to me. It’s an event, and everyone is here when the event begin. Was the band here? No… They were recorded already… That hurted me most probably the most too. I could have expected everything but maybe not that. I was expecting the band to play all the day! From morning to night! They just played one time, and poof, job was done…

I enjoyed my first expo. But my expectation were most probably too high…

I just wonder why it hurted me so much.

After that, I asked my parents to not go to school and take a rest day. This feeling was still here for some days, and I wrote the biggest part of this page. There was also a gorgeous feeling of creativity that I wanted to express, most probably through music… But I don’t know to make music, actually…

*sigh..* Such a somewhat hard life.

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