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My username on Internet is Predeactor, mostly with "Capitaine". My real name is Julien, and as you may already guessed, I'm a passionated developer. Most of the time, I work on Python (At least, when I'm writting this) and I really enjoy making things for fun! There's nothing I need to worry about, except school...

More about me is that I am a music lover, games player and content creator. My style of music is the electro/pop, EDM in some case, but most importantly, I **LOVE** vocaloids voices! Vocaloid are vocals made through computer, my favorite one is Hatsune Miku, most of you (If you encoutered me on Internet) already know this fact.

I don't play a lot of games, but when I do, I really enjoy them. i have a passion for horror game, but also PvP and adventure, you can find me on Steam by clicking this link and know what I'm playing.

If you wish to talk to me, you can join my Discord server by clicking here, but you can also find me on the Red - Discord Bot server, I'm often talking with the gang!



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